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About the Artist

Junru Erin, A jewellery designer based in London. With the interest of stories telling through object, Erin work from personal experience and in her creative thinking, jewellery can be a form of therapy. With a humorous engaging and emotional approach, sighting in jewellery design to empathize with the wearer. As a designer, she thinks Jewellery can be your companion who empathises with you and stimulate you to open up your real emotions.


Immersed in Erin’s jewellery world. Her jewellery collections often explore the connection between human and objects, also discover the other side value of the objects. Erin creates her jewellery to empathize with the wearer in humorous, engaging, emotional way. She committed to make realistic objects using metal, applying new lives to the objects in metal work. She also interested in multi-material approach to jewellery using metal as well as silicone, clay, fabric and so on.


Her goal to achieve is with the unique identity of the design, making a positive social impact for the new generation.



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